Folegandros and the Villas

Uncompromising horizons, landscapes sculpted by the wind and by solitude, rocky beaches you can only walk or sail to, but also “glamorous rituals” like fish&ouzo evenings in the small squares of Chora, a tangle of white houses built around the old Kastro and the church of Aghios Nikolaos. On Folegandros island, despite its latest success as a tourist destination, very little has changed.

In one of the most charming locations of Folegandros island, on a plot (of approximately 7,500 sqm) looking south-west to Milos island, the bluest sea and sky and the most moving sunsets of the Aegean, we rent two 90 sqm villas, they were built according to sustainable architecture and green housing standards.

Villa Urano layout

Villa Gea layout

The villas can be rent both separately and together as a two-family house.
By looking at the building layout it’s clear that the villa is perfectly fit for both destinations.

Villa Gea - Villa Urano - Rendering

The building

The building is made up of two independent (the installations are separate) and “off-grid” houses, not connected to the public electricity and water supply; the two houses are equipped with very modern photovoltaic installations (provided with built-in wind turbine and accumulators) for the production of electricity and with solar installations combined with fireboxes (powered by both wood and pellets) for the production of sanitary hot water and for the heating of buildings. For hot water the houses are also provided with water tanks (600 litres per house).

The total surface of the two houses is approximately 180 marketable square metres. They have two cellars where part of the installations is located.

They are also equipped with a separate “utility room” that can also be used as a laundry.

Each villa has a large living room, an open-plan kitchen, two double bedrooms (with 160 x 200 queen-size beds), each with its own ensuite.

Each villa has a very large veranda surrounding it and a common in-between covered area (with large table and sofas) with a barbeque.

How to reach Folegandros island

You can take a ferry (carrying vehicles) or a hydrofoil (passengers only) to the island of Folegandros from Athens, Santorini and Milos, there’s an airport in each location.

The hydrofoil takes approximately 4 hours to go from Athens to Folegandros, approximately 40 minutes/1 hour respectively from Santorini and Milos.

The island is also part of other maritime routes so we invite you to check the various options on the website or to call the travel agency in Folegandros on +30 22860 41158 (e-mail:

Total quality and sustainable architecture

Installationsfinishesfurniture and
accessories are top-range (kitchen tops/backs of 3cm thick Brown Antique Granite, floors, bathroom (ceiling) cladding and bases of classic 2cm thick polished travertine, extra-luxury bathroom accessories (wc with soft-close seat, Indonesian marble washbasins, tempered crystal stall showers with glazed handles, shower heads with 3cm-thick water-saving shower tray etc. As concerns furniture, only products in line with regulations protecting consumer health were selected (E1 class according to the strict German directive DIBt100).
Household appliances are all energy-saving (induction cooktops) and installations can be remotely monitored, via PC tablet or smartphone, to view in real time production and consumption data, as well as the battery charging status).
The villas have a satellite wi-fi Internet system.

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